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CommUNITY Build

In celebration of the the collaborative spirit of our community, the 2017 Habitat Cabarrus CommUNITY Build will be an opportunity to unify the community around the cause of decent, affordable housing.  The focus of this project is to engage first responders, firefighters, police officers, EMS healthcare professionals and public officials to build alongside volunteers.  During the build, public servants will be teamed up with community volunteers.  This concept allows individuals who may not otherwise cross paths to come together and use teamwork to help build the foundation for a family in our community.  Joining together has the potential to open lines of communication through positive healthy conversation and an appreciation for one another’s skills, uniqueness and hearts.  With one goal in mind – to build a home for someone in need – stereotypes, labels and titles fall away and individuals have the opportunity to see beyond a uniform or a badge to achieve a common goal.
The home will be built in the Carver Community in Kannapolis. This service area is part of a partnership between the City of Kannapolis and Habitat Cabarrus that seeks to revitalize the neighborhood through new construction and critical home repairs.

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