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Beyond the Build

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This blog series will follow up with some of our homeowners to find out what happens after the dust settles and homes are dedicated. Our inaugural Beyond The Build feature gives an inside look at our first tiny house owner’s amazing financial, emotional and physical transformation.

Beyond the Build: April's Story

April 2“I have to be able to have a place of my own.” These words are ones that many of us have said at some point in our lives, whether it was when we were in middle school sharing a room with a younger sibling, or in college when our roommate always left the dishes in the sink. For April, these words mean so much more, because she knows what life could have been like without a place of her own.

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Beyond the Build: Barbara’s Transformation

barbDid you know babies can count? A 2013 Duke study indicated babies as young as six months old could distinguish between numbers of objects. Children notice immediately if one child receives more cookies than the other one. Counting (even for cookies) is the most fundamental basis for math.

As adults, we count the dollars that come in and distribute outgoing payments like mortgage, utilities, groceries, transportation and clothing. You can only spend what you have - just as you can only eat the number of cookies that come from the oven. The households with more cookies have more leeway on cookie distribution. Low-income households have fewer cookies and fewer distribution choices.

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