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Get to Know New Executive Director Katie Page

If you’ve ever been to the Habitat Cabarrus offices you’ve probably met Katie Page. She is one of those people you notice.  She’s rather quiet but radiates a presence of calm competence.

She has served Habitat Cabarrus as the Resource Development Director for the past 3 years, but assumed the role of executive director on March 31, 2017, replacing former ED Dave Zablotny who will stay with Habitat in an advisory role through June.

When Dave Zablotny first interviewed Katie he asked “why Habitat Cabarrus”? He remembers her saying, “I want to be on the front line dealing with people in the community who need our help.” Dave added that he also recalls asking Katie what her long-term goals were and she responded saying she wanted to be an executive director for a nonprofit. “That really impressed me – and as I would soon find out, Katie would continue to impress me,” he said.

Since Katie took on her Resource Development role in 2014, she has consistently exceeded fundraising goals and expectations. The revenue targets for events have increased by over 60% since Katie arrived yet she has surpassed even those goals. She has also exceeded grant funding goals and most importantly, her connections in the community have led to increased engagement of new donors with Habitat Cabarrus. For the 2016 Women Build alone, nearly 150 new donors were engaged.

Six months after assuming her role as RDD for Habitat, Dave and Katie came up with six actions that would further her professional development and within a year, Katie had completed every one. “Her interest and willingness to learn and grow, her drive and commitment to always do her best and her ability to make those connections in the community that are so important for a nonprofit, set Katie apart. And most important is her heart and passion for helping others”.

Katie landed at Habitat Cabarrus following a career leap of faith.  She began her professional career in New York city at one of the top public relations agencies in the world.  The work and the pace were exciting but in the months following 9/11, Katie recognized that her path lay elsewhere. She left New York and subsequently took on different roles including public relations, marketing, multi-dwelling housing, and event planning that expanded her business savvy and organizational skills.

“Go out on a limb.  That’s where the fruit is.”  - President Jimmy Carter

Katie was really good at all those jobs because she is focused, organized, detail-oriented and gets things done.  But something, some elusive aspect was missing.  Like many of us, Katie had done some volunteering through the years and found she had an affinity for helping others.  However, changing career directions can be scary especially when you have to start from scratch.

Katie answered the call of her heart and leapt into a role with United Way in Cabarrus County.   She says, “That role was a great way to really learn Cabarrus County and what the community’s needs truly are.”  When the resource development director position became available at Habitat Cabarrus in 2014 – Katie was a natural fit.  Katie believes in the Habitat for Humanity mission and finds value in being a part of an organization that focuses on helping individuals through a hand up and not a hand out.  She also appreciates how the community of nonprofits collaborates to do the best they can for Cabarrus County.

Doug Stafford, current Board President of Habitat Cabarrus said “Katie is highly respected by our board, staff and the community. She is the ideal person to lead Habitat Cabarrus forward in building on what has been accomplished over the past several years. Katie is a blessing to the affiliate, our community, and the families we serve.”

Katie followed her heart, took the professional leap of faith into the unknown and today works toward God’s plan.  Her vision, hard work, and dedication have helped Habitat Cabarrus increase its outreach and visibility in the community and she has solid plans that will allow Habitat Cabarrus to assist even more families in the future.