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The Faithful Servant

If you’ve ever been to the Restore, you’ve probably seen this welcoming smile at the register. The woman behind the smile is Mary and she is one of our most loyal volunteers. Mary has been a volunteer at the Habitat Restore since it started back in 2004. She had just moved to Kannapolis as a travel nurse and knew nearly no one.

She was working the night shift and meeting new people didn’t fit into her schedule easily. But, Mary made a point to put herself out there and meet people, so she joined a local bowling league. Occasionally the league would participate in charity nights and Mary found herself wrapping presents for Habitat for Humanity one winter night.

That night, Mary learned about volunteer opportunities at the ReStore. Just as giving and eager as she is now, Mary decided to sign up to volunteer at the ReStore for as many days as she could. Just like that Mary became a loyal and trusted volunteer for our ReStore. The years passed and her work to life balance was blurring as she worked the night shift three nights a week and volunteered at the ReStore on her off days. Mary suffered a heart attack due to the stress of everything and her doctor told her she had to find a way to relieve stress and find balance for her health. “So, I quit nursing and I focused on volunteering,” Mary said in her sweet yet strong voice. And that was that.

Now 13 years later, she still comes every Tuesday and Thursday and dedicates her off time to the ReStore. She loves the ReStore team, all of the customers she gets to interact with and the treasures the ReStore finds. Thank you, Mary for being you!