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Staff Spotlight: Leon

Leon Hammond has worked at the Restore for over 10 years doing pretty much anything that needs to be done; he is our trusty jack of all trades. Leon, a son of a pastor, is a true Cabarrus county native; he has planted his roots here from the beginning. Growing up you could find Leon reading his bible, playing basketball at Northwest High School or strumming his guitar.

After high school he was drafted into the Army and sent overseas to Germany. Upon returning he quickly picked up his guitar and continued on with his passion of music. He played in the band, Gospel Players, and toured up and down the east coast. On the side, Leon worked in construction, something also turned into a lifelong passion that eventually lead him to the Restore.

When his construction career ended, a friend at church mentioned the Habitat Restore was looking for help from someone with a background in construction and so as Leon simply put it, “I started working at the Restore.” Each day is different at the Restore which keeps the work exciting and challenging; both of which keeps Leon coming back five days a week. In his free time he cooks, he plays his guitar, he does yard work and he enjoys being a grandfather to 9 grandchildren, one who plays in the NFL and one who is an amazing softball player.

To say Leon is a dedicated employee is an understatement as we truly do not know what we would do without his humble, kind and humorous spirit. When you ask him why he stayed in Cabarrus County all these years he’ll tell you that this place is all he’s ever known and all he needs, he’ll say that Cabarrus County is his home, so why would he ever leave?

If you are ever in the Restore and see Leon, be sure to tell him hi, he will without a doubt play a joke on you, but it is sure to brighten your day and more importantly, it will brighten his day as well. Thanks Leon, for every single thing you do, Habitat Cabarrus would be lost without you.