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ho coni2City of Concord/Wells Fargo

Coni is a hard-working single mother of three. She, her son, and two daughters share a two (2) bedroom apartment. It’s a good thing this family it tight-knit because two bedrooms don’t provide a great amount of privacy. But tight quarters are only part of the reason Coni began the Habitat homeownership program.

Her apartment has broken windows and is poorly insulated which means the heat and air conditioning don’t stay inside. Instead Coni spends most of her income on rent and utilities. It’s difficult to make forward financial progress when so much of the budget goes toward housing.

Coni is a conscientious mom and knew she wanted to give her kids more. So when she heard about the Habitat program she jumped in with both feet. Coni was already working hard to pay down debt, and the Dave Ramsey financial education program helped her find new ways to lower her debt ratio even more.

Coni is committed to her goal of owning a home and reached her sweat equity hours very quickly. Her children are older and are also required to put in sweat equity. They reached their hours quickly also. In fact, Coni reached double the needed sweat equity hours in only eight months of the program. (Bob, the site supervisor, will be both happy and sad to see Coni graduate from partner family to homeowner. He would like to keep her on the job site forever.)

Coni and her family exemplify how a hand UP changes lives. When construction begins on their home in early 2016, the Bennet family will be right out there with volunteers week after week to make their dream become reality.