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zula largeZula currently lives in a small rental home that has little insulation, which makes it hard to heat in the winter and hard to cool in summer. Due to this, Zula is paying over $400 per month on average for utilities. The bathroom has mold and the home is constantly invaded by ants. The trees surrounding the house are in need of care and look dangerous to Zula. She has worked for two years to become financially qualified for the homeownership program. Her cost of rent and utilities add up to roughly 60% of her income.

Zula has spent her whole life caring for others and continues to daily. She is from Kannapolis and she works at the Logan Community Day Care Center. She has three adult children and seven grandchildren. She usually has her twelve and fourteen year old grandchildren with her due to their parents busy work schedule.

Zula cared for her parents until they passed away as she did not want to take them to a nursing home. Her mother passed away in 2004 and her father passed away in 2013. Unfortunately, she found him dead in her home one day after work. After he passed away she started working towards getting in the program with her daughter’s encouragement because she knew that her father would want her to continue her dream. Zula states that she gives God all the glory for this opportunity.