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Women Build 2018

women build logo 2018Women Build is a Habitat for Humanity program that empowers women to fully participate in the construction process. What began in 1991 as a single Habitat house built by a team of women quickly became an international movement. Women Build volunteers and fundraisers from all walks of life come together to build stronger, safer communities.

The construction for the Habitat Cabarrus Women Build home is scheduled to begin in August 2018 and be completed in October 2018.


Women Build Team Totals

How Can I Help?

  • Pray for the mission of Habitat in our community
  • Donate
  • Tell others about Habitat and Women Build
  • Participate
    • Join or form a team
    • Be a team leader
    • Take lunch to the worksite
    • Participate in Women Build Fundraisers

Who Can Join My Team?

The intent of Women Build is not to exclude men, but to include women. The goal is for the home to be built and fundraised for primarily by women while still including men.

If you are interested in helping out in any way, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Meet the Homeowner

ho sharniseSharnise aka “Lil Bit,” as our Site Supervisor calls her, may be small but she packs much power. Her determination to be able to provide a better life for her children is what led her to Habitat Cabarrus. She currently rents a two bedroom house in Kannapolis. She is concerned about the many issues with the house. There is lead paint on the interior and exterior of the house which can significantly impact the health of her and her children. The home lacks insulation which makes it difficult to keep her heating and cooling costs down. The home has mold which also aggravates the health of her and her children. They have experienced insects coming into the house through the range hood. There are also holes in the closet walls that allow rodents to enter. There are also security issues in her rental home. This is due to having door locks on both entrance doors that are in poor condition, the windows being painted shut and a front door that does not close completely.

Meet Sharnise

Women Build 2016 Gallery

Rosie the Riveter was our inspiration in 2016 and the women (and men) in our community came together and did a fantastic job. They also had a ton of fun along the way. Check out the pictures below! For more pictures, please visit our Women Build 2016 album on Facebook.

Wb2016 17
Wb2016 2
Wb2016 6
Wb2016 18
Wb2016 5
Wb2016 19
Wb2016 20
Wb2016 7
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