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2015 City of Concord House

Heather is the kind of mom who puts her children’s needs first - so she gave up the only bedroom in their small house to her sons.  Heather slept on the couch so her children would be well-rested for school.  Despite the overcrowding, the leaky roof, the rotten windows and doors, the dubious electrical wiring, and the lack of working HVAC - Heather still dreamed of financial independence.

When Heather learned about the Habitat Cabarrus home ownership program from a co-worker, she jumped at the opportunity.  Heather flew through the financial literacy classes and kept asking questions.  Heather knows a thorough understanding of income and debt management will greatly impact her future.

Heather is working hard to meet her commitment of 250 hours of sweat equity.  It’s not always easy to organize Habitat work days, job demands, and her children but Heather is committed.  She is motivated to achieve her dream of home ownership where each person in the family has his/her own bedroom.  Her three bedroom dream is on track to come true in late 2015.