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Women Build - 25th Anniversary

Life has a way of changing. Julie was pretty satisfied with her life. She had successfully raised her children and was living in an affordable two-bedroom apartment.  Then life happened and Julie suddenly found herself raising her five (5) granddaughters. Suddenly that two-bedroom apartment was not so comfortable with six people in it.

She knew that she would need to address the overcrowding. Then she realized that her apartment was located near a very busy road so it was unsafe for her grandchildren to play outside. And five active children needed outside play time.

Julie learned about the Habitat program through a co-worker and immediately looked into joining.  She has been very dedicated to meet her partner family requirements. Despite the challenges of scheduling around five minor children, she is still on track to meet her sweat equity hours through the use of Respite Care helpers.

She really embraced the financial education portion of the homeownership program.  She is responsible for five children now and knows that solid financial footing is imperative to keep the family moving forward.

Julie is really looking forward to moving her family into a roomier space. The children are still adjusting from living with their parents to living with grandma so the tight quarters have increased their stress. Their home will have four bedrooms. The additional room will provide space for homework and will offer much-needed privacy.

Her home will be the Women Build House. How appropriate that our community’s women will take the lead on building a home for six females. Julie's family hopes to complete their home in Summer 2016.