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Candis has been an exceptionally determined future homeowner.  She entered the program initially in 2014.  An unexpected change in her employment removed her from the program for over a year.  But Candis believed in the Habitat program and craved the stability home ownership brings.  After much perseverance she re-entered the program in 2015.

Candis initially sought out the Habitat path to home ownership due to overcrowding.  Six people live in her house:  Candis, her father, and her four children.  But as is often the case, during the home visit other housing issues arose.  Windows were painted shut which creates a fundamental safety hazard.  The appliances are old and inefficient – and when combined with the nearly non-existent insulation – the family pays an exorbitant price to heat and cool the house.  In addition the house has mold which irritates the family’s lungs and exacerbates underlying health issues.

With four children to care for, Candis found scheduling her sweat equity hours challenging.  After an initial period of adjustment, she found a plan that worked for her family and completed her sweat equity hours.  Her father’s mobility issues necessitated that he work his hours at the Habitat ReStore.  He was happy to do his part to shift the family to stability.

Despite the initial setback, Candis has been quietly determined to succeed.  The tougher the situation became, the deeper Candis dug into her emotional reserves and maintained her positive attitude.  She incorporated economic lessons from the financial literacy classes required by the Habitat program to lower her debts and to build a strong financial foundation.  In March 2016, construction on her home will commence and the family will move into their new home before the end of the summer.