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Paditra’s journey began in Wilkesboro, NC. She was a loving wife and a devoted mother of three children but began to experience turmoil in her home due to domestic violence caused by her husband. He even began to mistreat the children. 

At that moment in her life, she decided to take her children, drive to Salisbury and move into a battered women’s shelter where her and her children would be safe.

She ended up getting a job as a CNA in Concord. While working there, she grew close to one of her patients and at his wife’s request continued to care for him when he was discharged. His wife helped Paditra find a place to rent in Concord because the commute from Salisbury to Concord each day for work took too much time and money.

Paditra and her three children rent a small home but the family’s living quarters are very over crowded. She sleeps in the living room, her son sleeps in the dining room and her other two children sleep in the bedroom.

Paditra’s decision to start over in life is paying off. She began the Habitat Cabarrus homeownership program in 2016, she has been promoted several times at her job and has been divorced for over a year. She is working hard to complete the required sweat equity for the homeownership program. She is looking forward to moving into her Habitat home and being able to use her dining room to actually have a family dinner. She is also looking forward to more space and for her and her children as well as finally finding the stability homeownership brings so they can all be at ease in a safe home.