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ho sharnise

Sharnise aka “Lil Bit,” as our Site Supervisor calls her, may be small but she packs much power. Her determination to be able to provide a better life for her children is what led her to Habitat Cabarrus. She currently rents a two bedroom house in Kannapolis. She is concerned about the many issues with the house. There is lead paint on the interior and exterior of the house which can significantly impact the health of her and her children. The home lacks insulation which makes it difficult to keep her heating and cooling costs down. The home has mold which also aggravates the health of her and her children. They have experienced insects coming into the house through the range hood. There are also holes in the closet walls that allow rodents to enter. There are also security issues in her rental home. This is due to having door locks on both entrance doors that are in poor condition, the windows being painted shut and a front door that does not close completely.

Sharnise currently works as a Data entry/Customer Service clerk for Decision Path and S&D Coffee and Tea. Sharnise is a single mother of three children, incuding Kameron who is ten years old, Kylee who is eight years old and her daughter Kalyni who is two years old. Sharnise is really looking forward to homeownership. She is mostly looking forward to the better life that she knows she we will have being a homeowner. She will finally be able to own something that she can leave to her children one day. Her children are very excited to have their own space because they are currently sharing a room. Sharnise says that she has never been outside of North Carolina and that her ultimate goal is to travel one day. Sharnise is beyond grateful for this opportunity and shows it every time she is on the construction site. She is one of the most reliable and hardworking future homeowners currently in the program.