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Trey Siner Insurance Group House

The Trey Siner Insurance Group went from insuring homes, to building homes by tackling something that a small business in Cabarrus County hadn't done in years...

Trey Siner Insurance Group sponsored an entire house!

We are so grateful for the support that the Trey Siner Insurance Group has provided throughout the entire build of this house! They kicked us off with a benefit concert and volunteered in building it themselves. Their enthusiasm and tireless efforts are second to none!

The community came together on this house and we had such fun, dedicated volunteer groups throughout the entire build. We feel blessed to live in such an uplifting community.

Trey Siner Insurance Group has been partnering with individuals and small businesses since 2002 to help them with planning and protection for every life event. They are committed to the highest standards of integrity and trustworthiness by expanding the knowledge of their clients, all while staying true to Biblical values. Founder Trey Siner is passionate about giving back to the community that has helped make his dream of owning his own Insurance Group a reality and in 2019 that passion took the form of a Habitat Home for one of our partner families

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